Flights to Sardinia

The airports of Cagliari-Elmas, Alghero-Fertilia and Olbia-Costa Smeralda are daily linked to the main Italian and international airports with liner flights, charter flights or low-cost flights to Sardinia.
In case of any doubt or if you do need further information about your flight to Sardinia, please do not hesitate to contact us : we remain available for any questions you may have.
We want to help you to come to Sardinia by the most comfortable and the cheapest means of transport possible and thus to easy your next holiday in Sardinia.

Here is a short selection of liners and low costs from and towards the main three airports of Sardinia: Cagliari, Olbia and Alghero.
The number of flights and airlines undergoes rapid changes, mainly because of seasons.

Airport of Cagliari-Elmas

National flights:
>Bologna - Cagliari: Meridiana
>Catania - Cagliari: Alpieagles
>Firenze - Cagliari: Meridiana
>Genova - Cagliari: AirValle
>Milano Linate - Cagliari: Meridiana, AirOne
>Napoli - Cagliari: Meridiana
>Olbia - Cagliari: Meridiana
>Palermo - Cagliari: Meridiana
>Pisa - Cagliari: Ryanair
>Torino - Cagliari: Meridiana
>Venezia - Cagliari: Alpieagles, Alitalia, MyAir
>Verona - Cagliari: Meridiana

International flights:
>Barcellona - Cagliari: Ryanair
>Bruxelles - Cagliari: Brussels airlines
>Colonia - Cagliari: TUIFly
>Ginevra - Cagliari: Easyjet Darwin
>Lione - Cagliari: Airpost
>Londra LGW - Cagliari: British Airways
>Londra Luton - Cagliari: Easyjet
>Lugano - Cagliari: Darwin
>Lussemburgo - Cagliari: Luxair
>Monaco - Cagliari: Lufthanda TuiFly
>Parigi - Cagliari: Airpost Meridiana
>Stoccarda - Cagliari: TUIFly
>Tallin - Cagliari: Estonian Air
>Zurigo - Cagliari: Edelweiss Air

Airport of Olbia-Costa Smeralda

National flights:
>Ancona - Olbia: AirAlps Alitalia
>Bari - Olbia: Alpieagles
>Bologna - Olbia: Meridiana
>Bolzano - Olbia: AirAlps Alitalia
>Cagliari - Olbia: Meridiana
>Catania - Olbia: Alpieagles
>Cuneo - Olbia: AirVallee
>Firenze - Olbia: Meridiana
>Genova - Olbia: AirVallee AirAlps, Alitalia
>Milano Linate - Olbia: Meridiana
>Milano Malpensa - Olbia: Meridiana
>Napoli - Olbia: Alpieagles
>Palermo - Olbia: Alpieagles
>Parma - Olbia: AirAlps Alitalia
>Perugia - Olbia: AirVallee
>Rimini - Olbia: AirAlps Alitalia
>Roma Fiumicino - Olbia: Meridiana
>Siena - Olbia: AirVallee
>Torino - Olbia: Meridiana
>Venezia - Olbia: Alpieagles
>Verona - Olbia: Meridiana

International flights:
>Amburgo - Olbia: TUIFly
>Barcellona - Olbia: Iberia
>Berlino - Olbia: Easyjet
>Colonia - Olbia: TUIFly
>Dusseldorf - Olbia: TUIFly
>Francoforte - Olbia: TUIFly
>Ginevra - Olbia: EasyJet Edelweiss air
>Hannover - Olbia: TUIFly
>Londra Gatwick - Olbia: EasyJet, Meridiana
>Lugano - Olbia: Darwin
>Madrid - Olbia: Iberia
>Monaco - Olbia: TUIFly Lufthansa
>Parigi - Olbia: Meridiana
>Stoccarda - Olbia: TUIFly
>Zurigo - Olbia: Helvetic Edelweiss air

Airport of Alghero Fertilia

National flights:
>Bergamo - Alghero: ItAli
>Bologna - Alghero: AirOne
>Bolzano - Alghero: Welcome Air
>Milano Linate - Alghero: AirOne
>Milano Malpensa - Alghero: VolareWeb
>Pisa - Alghero: Ryanair
>Roma Fiumicino - Alghero: AirOne
>Torino - Alghero: AirOne
>Venezia - Alghero: Alpieagles
>Verona - Alghero: Itali Airdolomiti

International flights:
>Barcellona - Alghero: Ryanair
>Birmingham - Alghero: BA Connect
>Colonia - Alghero: Germanwings
>Dublino - Alghero: FlightLine
>Dusseldorf - Alghero: Ryanair
>East midlands - Alghero: Ryanair
>Francoforte - Alghero: Ryanair
>Goteborg - Alghero: FlyNordic
>Helsinki - Alghero: AirFinland
>Liverpool - Alghero: Ryanair
>Londra Gatwick - Alghero: Thomsonfly
>Londra Stansted - Alghero: Ryanair
>Oslo - Alghero: SAS
>Stoccolma - Alghero: TUIFly

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